Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Top content marketing trends, the "godfather' of Apple and a networked future : What I'm reading today

As I work my way through my morning reading, I’m often struck by trends that seem to develop.  Whether it’s caused by the so-called ‘filter bubble’ phenomenon that I wrote about late last year (which you can see HERE ) or just driven by the fact that the Web has a tendency to take you down particular paths I’m not certain.  The reason I mention this concept today is that this morning’s content all tended towards pieces that looked closely at the future and more importantly where technology is going to move both in the immediate term (specifically 2014) as well as more broadly over the course of the next five years or so.

The first piece in today’s edition is focused on the near term, but just as importantly is focused on a topic that you've seen me talk about in this space for some time now… and that is the idea of content marketing.  While this concept has quickly caught on online (almost to the point of losing its usefulness), the fact is that nearly 60% of companies today report using some kind of content marketing to promote their businesses.  The link below is not only a primer of ‘what is content marketing’, but more importantly lays out some specific strategies that I’d encourage you to review not only from the perspective of encouraging your clients to utilize this methodology… but should also be something that each of you assesses in terms of its utility as you continue to build your own personal brand.

As I mentioned at the outset, today’s theme is all about the future and no discussion of that would be complete without including Apple.  That said however, this morning’s second offering is focused on someone I hadn't heard of  before this today…  Harmut Esslinger.  Working with Apple since 1982, Harmut was the founder of the design consultancy Frog (which I had heard of - @frogdesign on Twitter), and is credited with many of the leaps in design change that Apple made over the years… all while contributing to differentiating the company from so many others in the PC (and now mobile) spaces.  The link below is to an article about him in the recent Wired UK edition and is important for several reasons.  Initially the piece gives you an opportunity to ‘get inside the head’ of what is arguably the best industrial designer of our generation, but the piece also articulates some critical changes that companies of any size should consider as they look at their products, their Team and their future.  One quote in particular stands out: 

"But look back 40 to 50 years, and make a model of what happened from then until today. That's what compresses into the next 10 years. Then you know what to expect."

Regardless of your position, who you  work with or what kinds of companies/clients you’re talking to… knowing that this kind of accelerated innovation is in the horizon should be a true wakeup call!  I've not only enclosed a link below to the Wired piece, but also included an Amazon link (non-affiliate of course) that will make it easy for you to order what I’m certain will be a fascinating book.

Finally this morning, is an excellent essay by Vish Nandlall (the CTO of Ericsson – North America and one of the top thinkers today on infrastructure) who wrote this terrific piece on Monday.  I've written in the past about the so-called “Internet of Things” (you can revisit that piece HERE ), but Vish takes that concept a step further by expanding the discussion to cover emerging issues like ‘hyperscale models” and ‘software defined networks’.  So why does this kind of jargon filled piece matter to marketers and those that they serve each day?  Our world is changing rapidly.  As I mentioned above, the ‘time compression’ in terms of technology cycles is only increasing and as technology gets more powerful, it will only become more complex.  But there is significant opportunity to be found in understanding what these trends mean… and then being able to assist those we work with/for in understanding why instead of being threatened by the changes – we can embrace the opportunity that they afford us.

I hope you’ll find something of interest in today’s edition and as always would love to hear your thoughts and feedback either directly by email - or in the comments below. 

Thanks for reading!

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